Come to March against the coronapas!

Sunday, November 21, 1 pm, Brussels North Station

Dear friends,

More and more people are awakening from the hypnosis of the mainstream media and are clearly beginning to see what is coming: A slippery slope that now begins with the coronapas (read: medical apartheid), will soon slide irrevocably towards forced inoculation for everyone, an orwellian QR-society that will eventually lead us to a "social credit system".

Het is tijd dat burgers nu eindelijk opstaan om een nieuwe wind te laten waaien!

On this upcoming Sunday, November 21, as united daughters and sons of humanity, we gather in the heart of Europe, for freedom and against the coronapas.

Are you ready? We will gather at 1 pm at Brussels North Station, from where our march will depart.

As you can see: A conglomerate of freedom-loving organizations decided to join forces. Hence the symbolism of our logo, because we are not an organization, but a platform that connects organizations and people of good will, in this way we come together on the streets under this same banner 'Together for Freedom'. United in a loving but strong signal to our government and the not-quite -awake part of our fellow citizens.

We are all striving "Together For Freedom"!

Worldwide protest votes are growing in volume, numbers and in impact on policy. One example is Northern Italy. An encouraging success story, but one that requires action if we are to rewrite it for ourselves.

Therefore, please bring as many family members and friends as possible this coming Sunday! Share this news as far and wide as possible on social media and on the streets!

The request for our demonstration was definitively APPROVED by the Mayor of Brussels on November 18. Through this link you can consult the document of this approval, signed by the mayor.

Please MASSIVELY SHARE this newsletter on social media!

To make our appeal "trending," be sure to mention this hashtag: #freebelgium

Together for Freedom. That is the goal and that is what we are going to achieve.

With united greetings,
On behalf of Together for Freedom,

Sarah Melis & Ezra Armakye

Event on Facebook: Mars tegen de coronapas // Marche contre le pass sanitaire